LOEMCO is in permanent contact with the Service of External Practices of the ETSI of Mines and Energy of Madrid so that students in their last years of career can begin to train professionally in their first contact with the world of the company.

During 2018, four students have completed their business practices at LOEMCO as a compulsory subject and two have developed their Final Degree Projects of the E.T.S.I. of Mines and Energy. In 2019, three students continue their activity in internships and three other Final Degree Projects have been completed.

For three years, LOEMCO has participated in the UPM program “4th ESO + Company” in which a group of students from 4th ESO visits and knows the facilities and activity of the ETSI of Mines and Energy. Within the program, these students have a three-day stay at the LOEMCO facilities where they observe first-hand what the activity of a quality control laboratory accredited by ENAC consists of.

In addition to the training activities most related to teaching, the laboratory provides specific training aimed at technicians in the sector interested in training methods for testing concrete materials, chemical analysis thereof and laboratory management. These trainings are given on demand with the possibility of adapting them to the needs of the requesting organization.

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