LOEMCO makes it easier for its customers to develop and test products with better performance, as well as verify their compliance with the regulations.

In this line the laboratory has been incorporating or new analysis techniques applied to the products that the client wants to introduce in the market. It works on getting new features or improvement of those that already have the product in its current design. On many occasions we do not act only as a test laboratory, but we decide with our clients the possible solutions to obtain more competitive and safe products.

In short, we facilitate the arrival of higher quality construction products on the market backed by a technical report that summarizes the steps and results

Examples of the new techniques incorporated in recent years are:
  • Measurement of thermal conductivity of materials.
  • Measurement of electrical resistivity.
  • Thermal response test of geothermal wells.
  • Corrosion evaluation of metallic elements in buildings.
  • Evaluation of the durability of concrete elements in aggressive environments.



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